Tokamachi, 27 November 2018

Agreement on Implementation of the Croatian Training Camp in Tokamachi City

On 27 November 2018 in Tokamachi City President of the Croatian Olympic Committee Zlatko Mateša and Mayor of the Tokamachi City Yoshifumi Sekiguchi signed a Letter of Agreement about Implementation of the Pre-Olympic Games Training Camp in Tokamachi City. This agreement will enable Croatian Athletes to best prepare for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in Tokamachi in the period until the Olympics. Initially, training camps for athletes representing six Croatian sport federations have been agreed to take place in Tokamachi: athletics, judo, karate, cycling, taekwondo and trap, with possibility to add more sports disciplines.

City of Tokamachi hosted Croatian National Football Team during the 2020 FIFA World Cup in Japan and South Korea. Since that time, Croatia and Tokamachi are developing special cooperation in many fields: Tokamachi is the site of the House of the Japanese-Croatian Friendship, as well as a football field named Croatia Pitch, every year Tokamachi is hosting Croatia Week, Croatia Cup, presentations of Croatian tourism, products and gastronomy as well as numerous other events. Tokamachi City is well known as a summer and winter tourist destination as well as for the production of silk, kimonos, rice and sake production and as a site of an International Art Triennale.