Odate, 08 November 2019

Ambassador Dražen Hrastić visited Odate in Akita Prefecture in the framework of the “EU Comes to Your School“ project

Ambassador Dražen Hrastić gave a lecture to high school students in Odate, Akita Prefecture in northeastern Japan on 7. and 8 November 2019. Akita is world famous for its Akita dogs. The lectures at schools were part of the project EU Comes to Your School launched by the EU Delegation to Japan. The lectures were attended by approximately 900 students who showed a great interest in wide range of issues related to the European Union. They also showed a strong interest in learning more about Croatia, the newest member of the EU, and even more as the finalist of the World Football Cup in Russia last year.  During his visit Ambassador Hrastić also met with Mr. Junji Fukuhara, Mayor of Odate, and the leadership of the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry. All interlocutors have expressed interest in developing cooperation through agreed list of activities and projects in the field of economy, culture and sport. Ambassador Hrastić also met with Ms. Toyo Imai, who lives in Odate and who donated a concert piano to the Croatian Embassy a couple of years ago.