Tokyo, 16 October 2020

Croatian Kimono presented at the exhibition "Kimono Reflects the World 2020”

On October 16, 2020, in Kyoto, Ambassador Hrastić participated in the opening of the exhibition "Kimono Reflects the World 2020", at which the Croatian Kimono was presented.

The exhibition "Kimono Reflects the World 2020" is a part of the project "Imagine One World Kimono Project". 213 kimonos were part of the exhibition, representing each country in the world with which Japan has diplomatic relations, as well as certain regions and territories. The project was launched on the occasion of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games 2020.

The Croatian Kimono, painted by hand on silk, represents some of the most beautiful motifs in Croatia, and was made by artists and masters from Tokamachi. The sponsor of the production was the company "Memolead Group", owned by Mr. Shigemi Yoshida, president of the Japanese-Croatian Friendship Society in Nagasaki.