Nagasaki, 26 February 2017

Holly Mass for Vukovar held in Nagasaki

Holly Mass for Vukovar was held in Nagasaki on 26. February 2017. There is a tradition of holding the Holly Mass for Vukovar for a number of years in Nagasaki, the city that suffered from Atomic bomb destruction at the end of the WW2. In other hand Vukovar is the Croatian city hero, symbol of resistance and suffering in the Croatian Homeland War 1991-1995. The Holly Mass was held in the Urakami Cathedral that was completely destroyed in the atomic bomb explosion. It was well attended by the local Roman Catholic believers from Nagasaki, president of the Japan-Croatia Friendship Society Mr. Shigemi Yoshida and the members of Society, several representatives of a very small Croatian community in Nagasaki and Ambassador Hrastić with spouse.