Nagano, 15 November 2018

Croatian Economic Forum held in Nagano

Croatian Economic Forum took place in Nagano City on 15 November 2018 for around 30 businessmen from manufacturing and commerce sectors which showed great interest for cooperation with Croatia and establishing direct contacts with Croatian companies. The Forum was organised in cooperation with Soichiro Yoshida, one of the top businessmen of Nagano and former chairman of the Nagano Winter Olympics organising Committee.

During his stay in Nagano, Ambassador Hrastić also met with Nagano Prefectural Governor Takatoshi Nishiwaki, and Mayor of Nagano City Hisao Kato.

As in previous years, ambassadors of EU Member States give lecture in High Schools around Japan as part of the EU Comes to your School Project. It is a much appreciated event attracting interest of several thousand schools. This year Ambassador Hrastić gave lecture at the Shinonoi High School for more than 400 students and teachers. A part of the presentation was dedicated to Croatia, and it was used to show the award winning Croatian Tourist Board video featuring top Croatian athletes which attracted a lot of attention and positive reactions from the audience.

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